Sunday, November 23, 2008

For a Fat Day.

We all have them, don't worry!!!!

This makes me laugh though.

Holy heck.

This never fails to make me smile, and humbles me because I know I would seriously kill myself if I tried to do this!

Eric Nathanson Video

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Lil' Croc's

I just joined this book blog, set up by the one and only Kat. It makes me excited to read and fall is the perfect time to cuddle under a blankie with a nice cup of something warm and a book!

Monday, October 13, 2008


It's October!

October is one of my favorite months. I think partially because at home October is beautiful. Here in Idaho, its beautiful for a few days and then it turns super cold and snowy (it tried this weekend). But I like the static in the air, or maybe that just in the sweaters that get pulled out from the top of the closet. I like apple cider and anything pumpkin. I like being a kid again, with the excuse of Halloween. Here are some things October.

Pumpkins are an essential part of fall! Here is an incredible adorable one I found on a blog I check out every once in a while. You can check out the blog too at ---
They have other super cute stuff though too.


This picture was done just yesterday. I think I will send it to Jacob so he can see that his "Big Sissy" isn't too old for Halloween. I also thought my friend Kat might enjoy this.

A few years ago I was walking through a parking lot with my dad. I stopped to pick up a leaf. It was a beautiful red leaf, small and gorgeous. Dad made fun of me, and I am sure if I was home with him he would continue to harrass me. He does it all in fun though. My dad's amazing. Just the other day I was walking through a parking lot and I saw another leaf. It took all my energy to not stop and pick it up. I regret that I didn't.

When we were younger we used to go to the Apple Orchard, and with a bunch of friends spend a day collecting apples, and making cider. That fresh cider will never be outdone. There is nothing like fresh cider, part of it might be because we were all freezing though. :) So yummy. I wish I could have some right now, but will have to settle for my Citrus Wassail. Here's some pictures that made me smile and gave me memories.

The last par of my post tonight is a yummy fall recipe I stumbled across.

Here it is. I wish I had company to make it for!

Buttered Apple Cider Sauce

1 Granny Smith apple, unpeeled and uncored, chopped into 1/4" pieces

4 Tbsp. unsalted butter, divided

1 1/2 to 2 cups of unfiltered apple juice or fresh apple cider

1/4 cup honey

1/4 cup sugar

a little freshly ground nutmeg

1/8 tsp. salt

2 Tbsp. (or more) apple brandy or other liqueur (optional!)

Saute the chopped apple in one Tbsp. butter. When it's soft, add the sugar, honey, and apple juice. Cook until the apple are translucent. Strain through a fine mesh sieve. Push through to get all the apple pulp out--leaving skin and seeds behind.Reduce the liquid to 1 cup thin sauce. Remove from heat and add remaining 3 Tbsp. butter, nutmeg, salt, and liqueur.To reheat leftover sauce, place in a small saucepan and heat gently over low heat until sauce melts. You can also add a little extra cider to thin it out if it got too thick.

It turns syrupy, and I think it would be super yummy over waffles or on ham!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Survey from Feef

In Case You Were Wondering....... a fun survey by Feef

1. Last movie you saw in the theater? Prince Caspian or Indiana Jones.
2. What book are you reading? Sin in the Second City- It's about the establishment of the brothel on Dearborne street in Chicago, it was about changing the tawdriness of things, reinventing a steortype.
3.Favorite Board Game? Rumicube witrh my brothers, when Kelton isn't being annoying.
4. Favorite Magazine? Real Simple.
5. Favorite Smells? ocean, shampoo smell in clean kids hair, bleached linens, linen spray, cut grass, lilacs, spearmint.
6. Favorite Sounds? ocean, rain, creeks, Sydney.
7. Worst feeling in the world? heartbreak.
8. What is the first thing you think of when you wake? 5 more minutes?
9. Favorite fast food place? Arby's?
10. Future child's name? Landynn, after my brother Kevin Landon but used for a girl. He has no choice.
11. If I had a lot of money I'd... go see all my friends and family, go on a real vacation, spend a month on the coast, finding myself and reading all my books I haven't gotten to.
12. Do you drive fast? If I can, I do.
13. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? He sits on my chair.
14. Storms cool or scary. Cool.
15. What was your first car? The Pimp mobile, 83 Mercury Marquis. The white boat.
16. Favorite Drink? Dr Pepper, Tomato juice, watermelon slushies.
17. Finish this statement, if I had the time I would... spend everyday making a difference in someone else's life, however that happened to be.
18. Do you eat the stems on broccoli. Yes.
19. If you could dye your hair any other color, what would be your choice? mmmm. Mandy Moore brown?
20. Name all the different cities you have lived in? Elizabethtown, kentucky, the dalles OR, Marysville WA, Portland OR, Rexburg ID.
21. Favorite sports to watch? Baseball
22. What’s under your bed? winter storage
23. One nice thing about the person who sent this to you? Very few times in life do you find someone that truly understands you, or seeks to truly understand you, those are the friends to hold onto.
24. Would you like to be born as yourself again? Yeah, I haven't messed it up too bad yet.
25. Over easy or sunny side up? Over easy
26. Morning person or night owl? Morning, depending on where I am.
27. Favorite place to relax? Beach
28. Favorite Pie? Cherry, or eggnog
29. Favorite ice cream flavor? vanilla, if forced. I don't really like icecream.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Summertime...and the livin's easy, in theory

Today I was feeling pretty low. Rough week at work and feeling super tired and stressed and then came home to....well not much. I need some friends around and everyone is busy. On top of that I feel that I am having a little bit of a friend turnover which sucks. So I trucked myself over to a snow cone shack and ordered up my standard, a medium banana. To me snowcones mean summer. So I thought I would list a few things that usher in summer with me, you can add yours too.

*Snow cones! (I like the yellow ones the best)


*weird color nail polish

*tank tops

*putting away the lipstick

*putting in the AC- which I did by myself!

*changing to a light blanket on the bed instead of the quilt

What about you?

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Banana Bread is so yummy!

I made this today, its the recipe I use now and let me tell you, it is AMAZING. It doesn't really even dry out! I am sending the recipe to a friend so I thought I would throw it in here too.

Best Banana Bread ~Shar's
1¼ hours 8 min prep

1/2 cup
1 cup
eggs, beaten
bananas, finely crushed
1 1/2 cups
1 teaspoon
baking soda
1/2 teaspoon
1/2 teaspoon

Cream together butter and sugar. Add eggs (I don't beat them first) and crushed bananas.

Combine well. Sift together flour, soda and salt. Add to creamed mixture. Add vanilla. Pour into greased and floured loaf pan. Bake at 350 degrees for 60 minutes. Keeps well, refrigerated. I also add walnuts, but you don't have to!

Shoes- my second love

I want to start off this entry with a fact and a story.

Fact: I own more than 30 pairs of shoes.


Once upon a time there was a girl living far from home and her family. Her summer vacation (a few months long) was to begin soon. Her family came to escourt her home. When arriving, the terrible mother of the girl (who really isn't terrible at all) gave the girl a shoe ration. The girl's hopes and dreams were dashed (though not really) when she was told that she could only carry a limited amount of her finest foot apparel home with her. Now, do not dismay for this girl has two very lovely and underestanding siblings. These siblings came to the young princess's rescue and without her knowledge smuggled a few of the precious gems in their own luggage. They had fought victoriously in the girls honor and against the evil (but not really evil) mother. The girl and her two siblings rejoiced in the shared victory and the girls feet were clad gloriously throughout the coming months... AND yes, my brothers are awesome.

Payless Shoes
Shoes from Cape Scott on Northern Vancouver Island

"Photo of Payless shoes. The shoe tree on Northern Vancouver Island is a landmark. People which made the trail to Cape Scott in Cape Scott Provincial Park hang there shoes afterwards on the Shoe Tree."~Pretty much amazing if you ask me, that's a big pile of shoes!

Here's another shoe picture. This ones more melancholy and if you allow it to will stir some emotions.

These are Shoes and prostheses found at Auschwitz Concentration camp, shoes and articles that were collected by the Nazi's during the Holocaust. Now it has become a tearful memorial of people past and souls lost due to ignorance and blind hearts.

Slackage- a significant period of slacking.

Kat, Feef- (most likely the only 2 who read my blog :) )

I apologize for the recent slacking. I am feeling inspired today and gonna get some stuff entered for your entertainment.

Loves, Me.

Monday, June 2, 2008

10 things I am craving right now

  1. a banana snowcone
  2. Burgerville
  3. a good thriller
  4. a cuddle buddy- for the movie
  5. a hot bubble bath with candles
  6. my little Jacob
  7. a lightning storm
  8. a phone call that lasts long into the night
  9. a nap in the sunshine on a beach
  10. dad's iced tea

Friday, May 30, 2008

Weirdest Shoes Ever

If you want a pair of these freakish things you can go to And the people I used to work with would make fun of my Birkiclogs. Sheesh.

Thursday, May 29, 2008


I watched the season finale of LOST tonight. I started watching the show back in the day with my family and liked it but after being really busy at college I missed a few seasons. Tonight I felt completely confused with the show (lost if you will). I think I need to find a friend who likes the show and we need to have a sleepover-a-thon and watch the series episodes on DVD! Any takers?
My favorite Lost character, Sayid Jarrah, played by Naveen Andrews.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

2 favorites

One of my favorite quotes.

"'Words do not convey meanings; they call them forth.' I speak out of the context of my experience, and you listen out of the context of yours, and that is why communication is difficult." --David O. McKay

Where I wish I was right this very minute.

Seaside, Oregon

The Oregon coast is one of my favorite places ever. Someday I would like to end up there. Plus, its closer to home but doesn't get as hot!

A beginning.

I am just starting this. A friend has a blog and although I do not expect mine to be even half as amazing, fun, or filled with personality, I thought I would give it a go and see how I do. I will admit first that I have very limited experience and that this will be a learning process. The entries within will undoubtably contain a muddle of things, as that is sorta how I operate. Maybe it will give the readers a little insight into me, and maybe they will have a little fun while doing so, I hope!