Friday, June 27, 2008

Summertime...and the livin's easy, in theory

Today I was feeling pretty low. Rough week at work and feeling super tired and stressed and then came home to....well not much. I need some friends around and everyone is busy. On top of that I feel that I am having a little bit of a friend turnover which sucks. So I trucked myself over to a snow cone shack and ordered up my standard, a medium banana. To me snowcones mean summer. So I thought I would list a few things that usher in summer with me, you can add yours too.

*Snow cones! (I like the yellow ones the best)


*weird color nail polish

*tank tops

*putting away the lipstick

*putting in the AC- which I did by myself!

*changing to a light blanket on the bed instead of the quilt

What about you?


Rachel said...

The Zoo
Hot dogs and hamburgers
Watermelon and Corn on the cob
The little blue plastic pools you fill up with a hose in your backyard
Water parks and people golfing (i dont)
Otter pops, pop sickles in general flower pots and gardens
Beach bags and beach towels and sand

Parker said...

I hope you're feeling better. Just so you know, I'm your buddy no matter what.
I don't like summertime. But if I had to pick some favorite things about my least favorite season, I would pick...
7-11 runs (the best diet coke)
grillin (I love grilled veggies dipped in thai peanut sause)
and hanging out with the girls.

Buffy said...

I'm way impressed with your AC installation skills. I love Summer. I love water parks that aren't busy, cherry slushies, watermelon, cookouts, and I love when it rains in the summer. Last week I went and stood outside because it felt so refreshing for it to be pouring rain in the triple digits.